Try our exquisite graphic productions, carefully designed, with a masterful control of traditional techniques and excellent use of the most advanced technologies. Select and combine the freshest and most delicious visual ingredients: Websites with 3D graphics, advertising pamphlets with illustration, architectural visualization in video… Always with the graphic style that best suits your communication. ¡Bon appétit!


Graphic design

Graphic design is quite a generic concept and its principles should be applied to any still or animated graphics production. In the clasification of our products we include inside this category those graphic productions whose aim is to obtain printed graphic materials.

It involves the creation, management and edition of various graphic elements of a composition and their proper distribution in a given space, the search for balance and the creation of visual and conceptual contrasts between them, making legible and striking typographic compositions, as well as making a selection of harmonious and appropriate color ranges. There are a wide number of techniques, principles, procedures and calculations which are not enough to know to do good job… They need to be applied based on experience, good criterion and creativity.

Modification, treatment and optimization of images at different levels is a basic graphic design task. We present our photo retouching / photomontage service as one of our specialties.

In this category we also include all those systematic jobs that are not considered “so creative”, such as the set up and layout of content-rich documents or institutional design. These tasks require special organization, sobriety, efficiency and speed in handling the software, some qualities that XÁTIVA also offers to our customers.

Our knowledge of prepress processes and printing techniques, and the agreement we have had with various printing houses over time, enables us to offer sufficient guarantees to carry out a comprehensive and complete graphic design service:

High quality graphic design service + Generation and optimization of high resolution files + Printing process supervision & management > Delivery of the final printed product.


Web & interactive design

Websites created by XÁTIVA use a powerful and shocking combination of the latest and most innovative web technologies with a clean and impressive design that will always suit your needs and corporative identity. They are functional websites easy to manage and update, as they are programmed with a powerful CMS (content management systems, like WordPress or similar) that make it possible to build up websites whose appearence and content is reasonably easy to modify year after year, so that they never become outdated or obsolete. Our websites are alive, they are very flexible and include the following features by default:

  • Exclusive XÁTIVA design, quality assurance to offer a positive image of your businesses.
  • Well developed user experience: Well built websites which are very clear and neat, easy to navigate and easy to understand.
  • Technical adjustments to correctly display the site in all major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari). Adjusted to fit all computer screen widths
  • Implementation of the latest technological complements or plugins to optimize performance, navigation and expand its functionality.
  • Included security and antispam systems built to control access to your control panel, prevent copying of your contents or avoid spamming through your website.
  • Multimedia site: incorporated interactive image galleries, video players, audio players and animated graphics, make XÁTIVA websites a complete communication tool.
  • Technical and graphic design assistance after the job’s agreed delivery date.

The cost of one of our websites varies depending on some decisive aspects, such as the number of built in sections (amount of content) or the number of additional technological improvements or plugins integrated. We offer three web categories:

Standard, Premium & Deluxe

To know the additional features for each one of them, please click here.[ONCLICK-POPUP:SETTING=1:GROUP=GROUP8]

We also include in this category various types of interesting interactive products such as online training courses with Exelearning (SCROM production), interactive menus for DVDs, visual and functional optimization of social networks profiles and applications and presentations for viewing online and offline. View this site on an iPhone/iPad!



According to the technique used in its realization, XÁTIVA offers three types of illustration:

  • Traditional Illustration : Only those performed manually, using tangible drawing materials. The final piece is given to the customer on high grammage paper or a similar support.
  • Digital & vector illustrations : They are made ​​with a computer and a digital palette. They might be resolution independent, there might be a lack of gestural strokes and stand out due to their clear-cut edges and bright colors. Artwork is delivered in digital format.
  • Mixed style Illustrations : They Combine the feeling of the hand-made strokes made ​​directly on paper, with the advantages of the digital medium. Delivered in digital format.
  • .

The execution time of a piece of illustration depends on its complexity, level of detail, the technique used for its realization and its required finish. It also influences the success of the artist in achieving a proper shaping of customer’s concepts and ideas. Therefore, during the work of the illustration we frequently request our client’s supervision by presenting as many sketches as necessary, achieving a precise representation of ideas in order to convert them into a fantastic piece of final artwork.

Agree a close price per vignette for every graphic narration, comic or storyboard ordered.

The realization of your graphic productions with professionals with well developed capabilities for drawing, will always be a guarantee for success. The illustration is a very powerful communication medium that allows customers, partners and collaborators to view, understand, modify and improve the ideas and approaches that arise both in the initial stages of work, as throughout its development.

Deciding to put genuine artistic talents at your service will ensure the quality of your graphic productions!


3D Graphics

The revolution and the future of computer graphics generation passes inevitably by 3D imaging, a field that is evolving at an incredible speed. Obtain thanks to the ultimate 3D software the most refined and modern images to strengthen your image in the presentation of your company or project. Its generation process goes through the following phases:

  • 1- Modeling: A process that could be compared to sculpting or designing an object, but in a virtual three-dimensional space. This is done by moving the points, edges and polygons that form the surface of the 3D object and associating some additional structural elements. Just a few reference images of the object are enough to start the job.
  • 2- Texturing: Process to give the appearance of wood, metal, glass… to different parts of the 3D model created in the previous phase. It is needed to create the so-called shaders, one for each simulated material, created from images in which it is possible to apply different physical properties such as roughness, opacity, brightness, phosphorescence …
  • 3- 3D scene preparation: It involves the placement of lights, cameras and other 3D virtual complementary objects in the 3D scene. The reaction of shaders before the lighting system designed must be adjusted, as well as the position and many parameters of cameras and others objects, which behave as in real life.
  • 4- Rendering and renders postproduction: Computerized calculation process for obtaining the 3D images and its further optimization to obtain the final artwork. Requires the fine adjustment of other properties such as ambient occlusion, global illumination, reflections, shadows, glare, depth of field …

3D rendering is a high cost process especially in terms of time, so for those large and urgent 3D animation jobs, we hire the service of the so-called render farms: Mass rendering systems using multiple interconnected computers.

We offer you the posibility to capture any ideas which might spring to your imagination, converting them into stunning photorealistic 3D images.



XÁTIVA does not offer a full advertising service. We are currently assisting advertising agencies, companies and individuals in the creation of graphics, videos and animations, necessary in the development of advertising campaigns of various sizes.

We are creative and graphic communication specialists, experienced in developing distinctive advertising messages that reach target audiences, capture their attention, surprise them, and project a favorable corporate image. Give us your briefing to collaborate together from the begining, let us present our ideas through brainstorming and finish our involvement with the execution of a very fine advertising piece.

Publicity has been evolving considerably in recent times. The publicity campaigns through the internet , relying on social networks and new devices such as smartphones, have taken well known prominence. Attach some of our spectacular images to your mailings, enhance your profiles on social networks with our graphics, achieve spectacular banners and product presentations that stand out in a saturated network…

Applying our stunning graphics to your advertising and promotional communication, you will reach sucessfully a competitive difference to captivate your audiences.



In this category we include the kind of still or animated graphics with a strong technical character, whose porpuse is to provide a wide and precise perception and understanding of spaces and objects. Allow your customers to view all your products, spaces, designs or prototypes spectacularly in 3D, even before their production or construction.

With just a few references provided by the client we will be able to start the work: Drawings, maps, photographs, technical sheets, Autocad files… they will be converted into wonderful photorealistic renderings. The possibilities are endless: 360° orbits around your new products, 3D digital images that can save on the high costs of some photo shoots, animated prototypes in video with exposed internal structure by making longitudinal or transversal sections, visualizations in 3D space with educational or scientific purpose, online interactive virtual tours through your stores or spaces using quictimeVR (view sample)

We present to you the latest generation of rendering engines. A technology that is simply amazing. Please read further up in this page the description of 3D graphics to learn more about the process of 3D image generation.

Consult your needs and let us recommend the use of different kinds of explanatory 2D infographics or employ one of the rendering styles available, which can be adapted to the characteristics of your project.



Apply our graphics and artistic skills to a wide range of media, formats and surfaces: prints and patterned designs for fabrics, sculptures in different materials, atrezzo creation for TV production or theater representations, design and production of templates for massive reproductions, mural paintings, tattoo design, airbrush decorations …

The procedure to follow varies according to the characteristics of the request, but in general terms :

  • 1-  First, it is necessary to design or draw on paper the desired piece or pattern.
  • 2- Then, we performed various sketches, photomontages and/or simulations to visualize the possible outcomes of the created piece on the chosen media; variations in shape, color and other adjustments, always under constant supervision of the client.
  • 3-  Depending on the characteristics of the order, it might be necessary to make an in-depth study of the support’s properties to determine the most appropriate and durable materials to carry out the work.
  • 4-  For final execution, first we would prepare the selected surface if necessary, and next we would sketch, trace or project the previous designed piece onto it, and then proceed to reproduce the image by using the selected media.
  • 5-  In some cases, it will also be necessary to apply a fixing treatment or enhance the final artwork after the execution.

The cost of this kind of work varies depending on different factors such as: Finish or level of detail required, the size of the surface to be decorated, distance travelled to the place where the work will be executed, the cost of materials needed .. .

NOTE: For those jobs that require traveling to the place of execution, the range of our activity actually stretches to the whole European Union and Great Britain.


Audiovisuals & animation

AV is an abbreviation for “audiovisual”. Actually we offer video editing and assistance to small and medium scale creations at all stages of production (preproduction, shooting and postproduction): commercials, short films, events shooting, promotional videos, 2D/3D animation projects, audiovisuals, motion graphics and special effects… We produce professional videos, presenting thoroughly edited images and audio, in different formats and for different media (from HD video quality to those optimized for online viewing on your website).

Enhance all video appearances of your company giving life to your corporate image with 2D or 3D animations of your logo or corporative elements. Create with us stunning and stylish credits to finish your short or feature films. Offer a higher quality education to your students with our didactic video tutorials. Once Again, our offer is broad and rich in possibilities.

We offer integral DVD production: Filming and audio recording management, video editing, sound & visual effects, design and programming of interactive menus and design and print of covers and packaging.

NOTE: For those jobs that require traveling to the place of execution, the range of our activity actually stretches to the whole European Union and Great Britain.


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